The testing was done at Jenner Hutterite Colony. They have a 3-phase 120/208v system.

We tested before CLEAN-VOLTTM was installed, over four days. Our Dranetz HDPQ reported over 38,000 “triggered events”. We also noted there was 30v of activity on the neutral, this should be between 0-2v. So we found a mechanical issue. We can’t determine what it is with the testing, just that there is an issue.

You will also notice that not one of the 3 phases are running at 120v, the peak to peak is over 200v, there is almost 14v of total harmonic distortion in the system and the power factor is very low.

We installed a CLEAN-VOLTTM unit on their panel. About 11 months later we went back to Jenner and hooked up our power analyzer for seven days. No changes to the electrical system had been made. In that 7 day period, the HDPQ reported 158 “triggered events”. CLEAN-VOLTTM eliminated 99.6% of the “triggered events” even with 3 extra days of testing.

You will also notice our technology was able to clean up the sine wave to something much more ideal for our sensitive electronics. All three phases are running right at 120v and the peak to peak is 170v right where they should be. We reduced the total harmonic distortion by almost 10v and we corrected the overall power factor.

As you can see this system runs much more efficiently. The electrician is no longer replacing expensive electronic control boards and lights like he used to, saving them thousands of dollars per year.