CLEAN-VOLTTM was developed

by a Power Lineman from Ontario

Throughout the 80’s and 90’s he noticed when catastrophic events hit the Energy Provider’s high voltage equipment, that the equipment was being reinitialized with little to no damage. And yet the consumer’s energy supply side was suffering major catastrophic event damages. The further he looked in to this he found that the protection being used on the secondary side was much different in design than the technology that the Energy Providers were using. Once he discovered this, his mission was to design a technology that would act in the same way as the arrester the Providers were using to protect the equipment at their voltage level. CLEAN-VOLTTM became a technology that in certain scenarios trips the main over current device at the consumer voltage level. Taking this knowledge forward and passing required strenuous safety testing, the CLEAN-VOLTTM line of arresters went to market.

By 1997,

his business partner helped launch the start
of what they would learn over time was a revolutionary product. The data and input from the customers over this period of time has shown that this technology provided results above and beyond the wildest dreams and conception of the two partners. Due to the nature of this Patented Fail Safe Technology, CLEAN-VOLTTM became much more than just a catastrophic event protection device. Due to its ability to dissipate high-energy surges, it was witnessed that this technology was also handling the daily activity within the RMS voltage that is used to rate all our equipment.

There are so many things in electricity that can have adverse effects on our electrical systems. CLEAN-VOLTTM does not discriminate against any of these occurrences. It quite simply sees anything 10% above the rated voltage that is not supposed to be there, and quickly takes these occurrences out of the picture without the use of costly sensitive electronic components. This produces an environment for equipment to reach proper life cycles and to use the correct amount of energy. In addition, it shows an improvement in power factor with three phase systems.

It is industry knowledge and agreed on by many engineers that no Surge Protection Device (SPD) has the ability to affect power quality. CLEAN-VOLTTM on the other hand, has proven just the opposite. The technology over the last 15 years has proven time and again that it does affect Power Quality resulting in much more desirable results.

Serious Power Surge Protection is the foundation to your energy efforts. We encourage you to experience The CLEAN-VOLTTM Advantage.


“I installed CLEAN-VOLT protection in both my business & Home in May of 2011, and it has made a noticeable difference. It has greatly extended the life of my lights at the office, and in my home I noticed that my freezer and fridge run much smoother and the motor in my hot tub does not sound like it is straining to work or over heat anymore.”

Jaison Reinheimer, CAIB , Agent Owner
Reinheimer Insurance & Investments Inc.
The Cooperators

“CLEAN-VOLT units needed to manage my system were installed and I could not believe the difference. Not only was the vibration and noise gone from my electrical room. I have not had any compressor blow or equipment problems. Not only did the CLEAN-VOLT minimize the surges, it has caused my equipment to run more efficiently and has saved me countless dollars in maintenance and repairs to the various equipment.”

Boris Krasevich, Owner, Boris ‘No Frills

“After we installed the CLEAN-VOLT units we have not had a problem. Before we were changing out breakers every year for a 3 year period. I have monitored those breakers now and they are not even warm. I took one of those 200 amp breakers apart and the inside were like somebody was holding a torch to it. They were really deteriorated inside. Also our other breakers were getting warm and now they are cool to the touch.”

Ruban Hofer , Green Acres Colony
Bassano, AB

“In November of 2011 we installed CLEAN-VOLT units on the Power shop main and in the feed mill to protect our electronic investments. I replaced all the lights when I installed the CLEAN-VOLT so I could see the difference in light replacement. I’m very pleased that this November will be 2 years since I installed the units and I have not replaced one light to date. Also that error code that I used to deal with on a regular basis has not happened once since.”

Jerry Entz, Electrician , Britestone Colony
Carbon, Alberta