A dependable power supply is key to automated operations. From milking machines to storage systems, downtime can be devastating for crops or livestock. Keep your electrical systems safe from harm with a consistent electrical supply.


The only solution capable of tripping the main breaker in certain emergencies while correcting your power quality every second of every day.


Protect your system against all kinds of surges.


Reduced risk of power surges caused by meteorological conditions.


Make sure that you will never have an unexpected bad surprise.



“We have so far covered ¾ of our farm with Clean-Volt and have had results that far exceeded my expectations […] On top of my equipment operating better are power factor use to being in the low 70%, and after FORTIS Alberta came out and did some testing for us I was pleased to find we are now above the penalty level of 91%.

Thank you for this cost effective long term solution [Clean-Volt]

EDDIE AND PHILIP WURZ, Morinville Colony Electrician

I first met Justin at a meeting where he and Frank educated a room full of people about the fundamentals of power quality. I am not an electrician but was impressed with the information and I learned a few things. Justin followed up with me and I told him we go through a lot of LED Bulbs, so he came by and I sent him around the colony with our electrician.

When he was finished looking at the services in all the buildings, he asked me about a shed we have where we store all of our lights. I told him that we go through about 400 lights a year. Justin explained that this is not normal and pointed out that down the road there is a neighbor with a significant sized service which may be contributing to noise on the grid. He said that the pumps were creating energy surging which were prematurely damaging my light s. He told me if I install a Cleanvolt unit on my main service I would see a difference in my lighting attrition, so I gave it a try and said that I wanted to see him back here in 2 years to discuss. I also mentioned that if I see a noticeable difference that I would protect every panel in the colony.

2 years later Justin showed up and asked me how the lights were doing. I couldn’t help but smile as I told him we have only replaced 8 lights in the last 2 years instead of the average 800 we would have replaced without Cleanvolt. Being a man of my word and seeing the value of the 1st main service unit I bought, I asked Justin what we would need for a full outfit and it turns out I needed 67 more units. The units were delivered quickly, and we got them installed the following week.

I didn’t notice much of a difference at first in the Colony, other than everything seemed to be operating smoothly and I had less requests from the guys to buy things that needed to be replaced. After a few months I did notice my electric bill seemed to be getting lower.

6 months after Cleanvolt was fully deployed at my colony I called Justin and asked him to explain something to me. I told him that we have been here for 13 years and the electrical bill is consistent, but now my bill is on average $1000 a month cheaper, even though we are getting busier. Justin explained to me that energy surging causes heat, that creates resistance and the system has to work harder. When you remove the energy surging you reduce the heat and the system doesn’t have to work as hard. It is like a dirty air filter in a car, less overall performance.

We did the full outfit of Cleanvolt in January 2015 and it has exceeded my expectations. My colony is saving at least
$1000/ month on the electrical bill and my repair and replacement bills have been reduced by at least 80%. My ROI has already been recouped and at the time of this letter we are just in year 4.

I highly recommend Cleanvolt to anyone looking to gain more control over the expenses of their modern systems.

BEN HOFER, Silver Sage Colony